Future Developments

Oakley Vale is a burgeoning community, with amenities and infrastructures already in place for those looking for a new home in Corby. Whether it’s a local pub, shops, nursery or vet practice, Oakley Vale has it all.

But it doesn’t stop there – the whole region is expecting continuing growth and the addition of new exciting amenities, local services and areas of natural beauty. This includes Oakley Vale, where the final two phases of development are beginning to take shape.

You can take a look at the current available properties in Oakley Vale via our ‘Houses for Sale’ section – showing houses currently available at the fantastic Lyveden Fields and Oakley Rise development phases.

Latest developments…

The design code for the final two phases of Oakley Vale (phases 8 and 9) is currently being discussed with Corby Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council and the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning and Delivery Unit.  It is hoped that this document, which will set out the design standards for the forthcoming phases 8 and 9, will be in an agreed form early in 2021.  This will then enable phase 8 (which contains circa 270 new homes and a new primary school) to be offered for sale to housebuilders in early 2021 with a clear vision of what their homes will need to look like.  This should pave the way for a new phase of housing coming on stream to offer even more exciting new homes late in early 2022.

The final two phases will not only deliver a total of up to 530 new homes, including affordable housing, but will also deliver a range of amenities. These include a new local centre with shops, café/restaurant; extensive open space and tree planting and a new wildlife reserve, sustainable drainage system, offices and community uses, as well as a new primary school. The existing Oakley Grange house and outbuildings will be retained and converted to form part of the new local centre.

Architects, Robert Adam Architecture, have been chosen for the development as Great Oakley Farms wants these final phases to make the community proud. They are nationally regarded and have worked on experimental urban development, Poundbury in Dorset, championed by Prince Charles.

The next steps…

The first parcels of land within the development will be sold to developers in mid to late 2020. It is expected that construction work will commence in mid-2021, following decisions being made on any further reserved matters planning applications. The design codes will ensure that these phases are built to the highest quality and will provide significant additions to the wider public realm around Oakley Vale.

A new public transport link and improved bus service will be provided, significant recreation areas and play areas will be provided and managed, as well as significant payments to fund improvements to the Oakley Vale Cricket Club and Oakley Vale Community Centre.

The future for Oakley Vale is incredibly promising and there is no better time to be a part of it than today! Keep an eye on this page for further updates or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

An up-and-coming town

The additional housing at Oakley Vale will help to meet Corby’s growing housing needs and support the area’s ambition for growth. It will increase local employment, including during the construction stage; provide new facilities to meet local needs; and help to meet the demand for primary school places in the area. It will also provide generous formal and informal open space for residents and the local community to enjoy, as well as enhancing biodiversity through the creation of a range of new and improved habitats.