Future Developments

The future looks bright for the Oakley Vale community. The region is expecting continuing growth and the addition of new exciting amenities, local services and areas of natural beauty.

Further development of residential housing is currently underway. Barratt Homes have begun construction on 250 new homes in Oakley Vale. Allison Homes has also started work on 170 houses.

Additionally, Great Oakley Farms has just received approval from Corby Borough Council, subject to the agreement of Section 106 and planning conditions, for a planning application to develop up to 530 new homes as a natural extension to the existing Oakley Vale community. This exciting phase of development will include landscaped open spaces, potential for new shops and restaurants, outdoor neighbourhood games areas and a brand new primary school. There will be a footpath link running from the new development to Great Oakley village, connecting town and country living better than ever for local residents.

The proposed development will create an environment which provides approximately 530 new homes, including a proportion of affordable housing. It will also include open space for residents and the local community and a local centre which will make use of the existing traditional buildings at Oakley Grange, along with associated new buildings. The centre could include retail units, a pub or café, small offices, or health facilities. An additional primary school will also be constructed on the development.

An up-and-coming town

The additional housing at Oakley Vale will help to meet Corby’s growing housing needs and support the area’s ambition for growth. It will increase local employment, including during the construction stage; provide new facilities to meet local needs; and help to meet the demand for primary school places in the area. It will also provide generous formal and informal open space for residents and the local community to enjoy, as well as enhancing biodiversity through the creation of a range of new and improved habitats.